Summer of Dreams CA Youth Summit

United We Dream is so excited to host their four week Summer of Dreams program in Santa Cruz, California. This will take place from July 15th to August 9th 2019 in Santa Cruz County. The program gears towards empowering undocumented community, refugees, people of color, LGBT community and allies. Student’s will gain knowledge on the history of social justice movement such as immigration, LGBTQ, and the civil rights movement to better understand the political and social moment that we are in. Participants will learn from local organizers how grass-roots organizing plays an important role in society. They will gain knowledge on organizing philosophy, campaign training and critical thinking skills through a intersectional lens. Lastly, but most importantly, students will learn and grow through fun activities such as artvism, music, and wellness. If you would like to take part in this Summer Program, register on the google form below!…/1FAIpQLSeKwLzwS1Q3SKIlpv…/viewform

Participants will Learn About:

  • The government system and the current political climate
  • Advocacy and how it shapes the political conversation
  • Community Organizing and the Power of the People
  • And much more!

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