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New Class: Fall 2019 Professional Skills Training in Legal Aid Work

Legal Studies and Oakes are offering LGST/OAKS 188A & 199

Legal Studies/Oakes 188A 2 units:

Intro to Legal Profession and Legal Aid Work (Seminar)

Legal Studies/Oakes 199 3 units:

Legal Field Practice Skills & Ethics (Placement)

Total: 5 units, P/NP

188A + 199 must be taken together. 188A teaches principles in legal work. Offered by practitioners from the Watsonville Law Center. 199 is your placement in legal air or legal information setting. it provides 35 hours on-site training, analysis & debrief: applying the principles in 188A.

Schedule to be determined; enrollment by permission codes.

To be included on a list for more information, please write to with Subject Line: Legal Training Course.

To suggest a site for a placement, please contact Leslie López of the Oakes CARA Program, at Sites include organizations that provide information to help people understand their rights, make decisions, and access services available to them (immigration, health, housing, food, safety, etc.).

Puentes calls on Congress to dismantle the deportation machine and #Fix96

Puentes, along with dozens of national and regional immigrant rights organizations, has signed on to a letter calling on Congress to undo the damage caused by 2 laws passed in 1996 which have helped to fuel the deportation machine.

Read the Report:“Dismantle Don’t Expand: 1996 Immigration Laws”

This report explains the 1996 Immigration Laws, why it would be a mistake to build upon them in the new administration, and why they should be dismantled instead.

The term #Fix96 refers to 2 acts passed by Congress in 1996: the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA)

        • The AEDPA makes it easier for immigrants to be put on deportation proceeding,“AEDPA departed from its mission and unnecessarily restricted immigrant rights
        • IIRIRA further expanded the grounds for mandatory detention and removal.
  • “IIRIRA did not undergo the meaningful debate that should characterize such a consequential bill.”
    • The laws were rushed and created negative consequences on the livelihoods of thousands of undocumented immigrants and green card holders
  • Noncitizens convicted of even a misdemeanor drug offense could be subject to mandatory detention and deportation regardless of their rehabilitation, family ties to the U.S., or length of stay in the U.S.14

Fiscal Impacts:

  • Billions of dollars wasted, since the Trump administration ICE HAS REQUESTED $2.2 Billion to maintain about 31,000 detention beds, in hundreds of detention centers nationwide. The request will fund 29,953 adult beds at a per diem rate of $126.46 per bed and 960 family beds at a per diem rate of $161.36 per bed. Since Trump’s election, the government has already requested additional funds to expand its detention bed capacity to 45,700. The expected increase of detainees under Trump’s administration will only demand more money and resources.

Humanitarian Impacts:

  • “The number of deportations since 1996 has exploded from about 70,000 to over 400,000 in recent years”
    • 4.5 million U.S. citizen children have at least one parent who is undocumented
  • Disproportionately affects people of color
  • Family
    • Homelessness
    • Foster care
    • Loss of income






Liyah Birru, an immigrant from Ethiopia, is currently pending for deportation after being prosecuted and incarcerated. She was a victim of domestic abuse and was further violated by the courts, prison and now deportation facilities.

Click here to learn more about Liyah’s story and to sign the petition asking the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, to grant Liyah Birru a pardon and stop her deportation to Ethiopia.



Summer of Dreams CA Youth Summit

United We Dream is so excited to host their four week Summer of Dreams program in Santa Cruz, California. This will take place from July 15th to August 9th 2019 in Santa Cruz County. The program gears towards empowering undocumented community, refugees, people of color, LGBT community and allies. Student’s will gain knowledge on the history of social justice movement such as immigration, LGBTQ, and the civil rights movement to better understand the political and social moment that we are in. Participants will learn from local organizers how grass-roots organizing plays an important role in society. They will gain knowledge on organizing philosophy, campaign training and critical thinking skills through a intersectional lens. Lastly, but most importantly, students will learn and grow through fun activities such as artvism, music, and wellness. If you would like to take part in this Summer Program, register on the google form below!…/1FAIpQLSeKwLzwS1Q3SKIlpv…/viewform

Participants will Learn About:

  • The government system and the current political climate
  • Advocacy and how it shapes the political conversation
  • Community Organizing and the Power of the People
  • And much more!
South East Asian Deportation Teach-In at UCSC by Viet Unity

South East Asian Deportation Teach-In

South East Asian Deportation Teach-In at UCSC by Viet Unity

On Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 3pm Santa Cruz’s Viet Unity put on a deportation teach-in. At the event they went over the history of The Chinese Exclusion Act and the history of the Vietnam War. South East Asians Research Action Center (SEARAC) points out that: Southeast Asian refugees represent the largest refugee community ever to be resettled in the United States, after being forcefully displaced by U.S. war and its aftermath in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam in the 1970s. It is important to build solidarity and knowledge around immigration issues in the South East Asian Community because of the changing laws and the current administration. The importance of deportation teach-in’s are to: learn about the history, build resilience, and create dialogue to break stigma.

Links of Resources Provided at the Teach-In included:

California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA)

ASPIRE: Pan-Asian undocumented immigration led group

Asian Prisoners Support Committee (ASPC)

Viet Unity