Family Preparedness

In case of sudden deportation, it is critical that individuals have a plan for themselves and for their family. Family preparation can include but is not limited to childcare provisions, emergency funds, medical prescriptions, and emergency contacts. This is the person you trust the most to:

  • Take your children to the doctor
  • Sign them up for school or extracurricular activities
  • Sign them up for benefits or health insurance
  • Travel with them

The Immigration Legal Resource Center states “have a plan so that a trusted adult can care for your child if you cannot. This plan should include emergency numbers, a list of important contact information and a file with important documents.” Other things to include are:

  • Your photo ID
  • Your child’s birth certificates


  • Your children’s passports, if you have them and if you wish them to be able to travel with your chosen caregiver

Below please find a list of resources and guidelines for emergency preparedness plans.

Local Resources:

Childcare Safety Plan

Documents & Handguide:

Family Preparedness PDF

Plan De Preparación Familiar PDF

More Resources:

Family Preparedness and Know Your Rights English Version

Sus Derechos y Preparación Para Su Familia en Español