Free Legal Consultation

What is a Free Comprehensive Legal Clinic?

Some organizations recommend that every household with immigrant family members seek a comprehensive legal immigration clinic, in order to protect themselves. But what is it? What happens during these clinics?

– During a comprehensive legal immigration clinic, individuals receive expert and confidential legal advice, which is also personalized to the individual’s options regarding their immigration status. Representatives, capable volunteers and supervisors interview the clients regarding the many different circumstances that could affect their situation. Immigration attorneys then revise the situation and give their advice, at no cost at all! Clients may ask questions and gain knowledge in order to make decisions regarding their immigration cases

Why is it safe to share information about my immigration case?

-Your participation in the clinic (your presence), and any information you share, is totally confidential, covered under attorney-client privilege. No one – including local or federal law enforcement officers-has any right or ability to see the documents that may be used or produced there.

Who is apart of Puentes?

The volunteers are bilingual students from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a background in Legal Studies

Who are my lawyers?

Immigration attorneys are apart of the California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice, based at the Justice and Diversity Center in San Francisco, and are working with Puentes and the Watsonville Law Center to provide expert advice.

Apart from receiving free legal advice, what is the benefit of attending a legal clinic?

When you establish a legally secure client file on your immigration situation, with lawyers acting in your interest, your have some legal protection in case of detention or other immigration action. Background on your case will already be prepared and accessible, and the California Collaborative and Defense Network can be called on to help you more effectively.

How will I know where the clinic will be?

Puentes is keeping the location of each clinic in Santa Cruz private to make sure it is safe for clients. To make an appointment, customers must talk to the WLC in advance.