ICE Hotline

What do you do if you see ICE in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz County has Your Allied Rapid Response (YARR). YARR is is an all-volunteer organization. There mission is to use their bodies, tactics and resources to document, resist and prevent actions by ICE or other repressive forces that would harm our fellow human beings. If you need to report ICE presence in our county: (831)239-4289.YARR trains members of the community in Legal Observation, Non-Violent Direct Action, & De-escalation so they can become responders who are dispatched to the scene when someone calls our hotline.

Your Allied Rapid Response has a secure phone number, 831-239-4289, that you can call when you see ICE or other repressive forces in our county. They will dispatch trained community members to the site to document what’s happening and to support the people targeted.